Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Introducing the Grots

I've long been a fan of orkoids, especially the smaller ones. It's their crazed grins, their twisted sense of humour, and their overwhelming numbers (ah, happy memories of 2nd ed gretchin with autoguns mowing down Death Companies and Terminators by having so many dice the opponent couldn't resist).

I've had 4 main 40k orkoid armies. The first in 2nd Ed was based around the horrible 2nd Ed Box Set models- lots of Goff Orks and Gretchin in the same bloody pose, all with horrible spikes on their heads. I stepped on the army in the dark once. Big mistake!

The next in 3rd Ed was heavily converted, a Blood Axe force. All the Orks were GorkaMorka models with bits of looted Space Marine power armour, and it included two big mobs of Grots. They were plastic Night Goblins converted to look like Redemptionists and Tallarn Desert Raiders, and the Killa Kans were scratch-built sentinel clones. They rocked!

Then, in a fit of enthusiasm, I made an army entirely of Snotlings, using Lost & The Damned rules... They were a bit too mad.

I then took a break from the game for a few years. But all that time I was working on a new plan. I wanted to return to my Blood Axe days, and build an army entirely based on a hybrid of Gretchin and Imperial Guard, with lots of conversions...

As well as Orks, I also really like tanks. Let's face it, tanks are cool. Big lumbering fortresses advancing over the battleground, blowing all opponents into little tiny pieces. Hell yes. So this army will combine these two passions. It'll be an Imperial Guard army, using converted WFB goblin models made to look like Guardsmen. My eventual aim is to have a tank company and a foot-sloggers army, which I can pick and choose from to make mixed armies or use together in Apocalypse battles. The armies will use the counts-as rule and only GW model bis, so that they will be fully legal in GW stores & tournaments.

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